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소셜 네트워킹 사진 및 비디오
개발자: Radish AB
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Mebox – the photo app for friends. Use Mebox with friends to discover their photos of you! Mebox helps you get photos friends have of you on their phone, and makes it easy for you to send your photos of friends to them.

The app finds your friends in your photos so that you easily can sort your photos of each friend to their own folder, their Mebox. When your friends get the app the photos you have added are sent to them, so they get the photos you have of them. Once your friends have the app, you can start getting the photos that they have of you. Imagine all the photos you are in that you’ve never seen. The more friends you invite, the more photos you will get back.

Key features include:

- Multiple tagging – send many photos of a friend at once
- Preview mode – press and hold a face to view the entire photo
- Notifications – get notified when friends sent new photos of you

Enjoy Mebox!